Reality of Frobesganj Episode in Bihar

Taken from comments section of bihartimes

Some of the basic truths are :

1.Bhjanpur is a village in Forbesganj dominated by muslims.

2.The mob that gathered, it gathered not for any cause but was a gathering mobilized by some men with vested interest . Prominent among them is one Gaus Mohammad who was heavily paid by one businessman of the place with dubious credentials and he is Mul Chand Golchha . A history of recent past is that his brother was killed by some unknown criminals while he had gone to a place on Narpatganj road to oversee some contract work  .The other partners in this contract work were Mr. Jakir Hussain, MLA Araria, Bhola Tiwary of Jogbani all with dubious character. This has been mentioned to describe the main traits of the GOLCHHA family. They have been usurers , are still now and thrive on business of hoarding of food supplies. Mul Chand is known for his over –indulgence in purchase of BPL food . An added advantage for him is proximity of FCI godown within say 250 meters of his so called Rice Mill namely GOLCHHA UDHYOG.

4. Apart from these types of businesses he also entertains an ambition that Forbesganj should remain a place of his likes and dislikes and does not want that big business or a bigger industry than his to flourish in the town. Marwaari community is divided in two major sects viz. Agrawals and Oswals .It is his habit to always commit such actions so that Agrawals should / may not come up and live well ,a normal life .Ashok Agrawal whose factory has been burnt by the mobilized crowd on that ill-fated day is also an AGRAWAL.

5.If this factory would have come in production, it would have greatly helped the growers of Maize ,the acreage of this crop is increasing at amazing pace. Today the price of Maize is around Rs.700-Rs.800 which was around Rs. 1300 /-about two or three months ago. The price factor is the main reason for a farmer to switch over to this crop. Had this Maize starch factory commenced production in time the farmers were very enthusiastic and had started storing maize for this factory and maize price would have been sustained at this level. The inward movement of Maize in the market had decreased and this was not suitable to Mul Chand Golchha and his cohorts . One among them is Mahendra Marothi, he also has earned by surreptitious business deals only. Mul Chand is the main exporter of Maize from our state to states like Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal . The adoption of ambition of the farmers to store maize was not allowing the prices to go down and Mul Chand stood to lose . This also might have infused divisive tactics in him .

6. The police and the administrative officers of the state would have either been killed at the site of this mishap or would have been taken hostage for a very costly settlement with the state .The unruly mob indulged in massive arson and loot of the property of the up-coming project with all its might. There is no-body from the arena of politics or press who have said or any day came out with the facts of the circumstances that led to police firing . Had the police not resorted to this drastic step not only the whole of the property would have been hijacked/looted/burnt but would have led to killing of the police personnel at the site. The S.P. was virtually taken out of the vehicle she was sitting in, forcibly and her body was invaded in the glare of the public and press people who showed great aptness in revealing one instance of an insane police who was never instructed to make such brutal attack on one of the mobsters. It was his personal motivation that he acted so brutally. The press should be indicted for hiding the other clips particularly those that would have depicted the merciless mobsters abusing the government as a whole incessantly and that in which one of the mobster had even slapped the S.P. These are the facts hidden by the media intentionally and one should not go on blaming the personality of Nitish Kumar like this.

7. One of the press person namely Farhad Shabbir son of late Shabbir Alam has captured all nasty scenes but revealed only that , one where police brutality became manifested . This person is attached to one TV channel . It is his business to earn from such alignments with electronic media or print media. He has been switching from one media to the other frequently because of his unholy traits. This person allegedly has connection with the under world of far flung places .He is allegedly an active member of the banned pro Islamic outfits. It’s alleged that he is daily visited by criminals of this area who sit till late  night at his residence located in D.D. Road, Forbesganj. He owes crores of rupees to Bihar State Finnacial Corporation, and nationalized banks operating in this area. He indulges in sale of spurious engine lubricants . He is also facing so many cases of theft of BSFC property that he has stolen from his own factory after it became sick due to his own over indulgence in alcohol and womanizing . This person is also a member of the caucus led by Mul Chand Golchha . The clip of police brutality was handed over by him to Jakir Hussain LJP MLA from Araria who sent copies of the clip to all media.

These are the many facts of this mishap. No police person had gone to the houses of the people who have been killed but the killed persons were a part of the mob which indulged in heavy arson and loot of private property and that of that industry which would have brought enough prosperity to this area .




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1 Response to Reality of Frobesganj Episode in Bihar

  1. Winsome says:

    Amazing..I am also from forbesganj and was in the town only the day that incident occured.
    Ii’s a common knowledge that it was done on behest if Zakir.Given Moolchand is his partner, his involvement cannot be denied as well.
    Pathetic that the pseudo-seculars like Mahesh Bhatt’s and Roel Gandhi’s who came there for appeasemnt only

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